Company look and feel

For each company a personalised version of TRANSPARANT will be created with your own logo and company colors

Every platform, any device

TRANSPARANT is accessible from pc’s, tablets and smart phones

Different distribution lists

TRANSPARANT is set up so that each channel can have it’s own defined readers

Read and understood

TRANSPARANT provides the opportunity to request a Read & Understood confirmation for important messages

Search functionality

TRANSPARANT allows you to search the magazine with simple keywords

Additional Channels

TRANSPARANT allows you to create as many channels as necessary for different topics or audiences

Comments on news items or importance rating

In TRANSPARANT every employee can comment on news items or rate their importance

Follow news items or blogs

In TRANSPARANT every employee can follow a news item or blog and will be notified on updates

Multiple languages

TRANSPARANT can be set up so that your employees only see the channels in their own language

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