Lifelong Learning

Ensure every employee has a personal development plan

Ensure SMART goals are in place

Ensure regular reviews and evaluations are set in place

Use a Learning management system to encourage Life Long Learning

The Transparant tool is an interactive intranet with different channels, each with their own function and audience.

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Learning Management system

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A dynamic business environment requires ongoing gaining of knowledge and raising skills toward higher effectiveness. It becomes crucial to dynamize this process by giving employees access to knowledge at any moment, in any place, via modern communication tools. TRANSPARANT offers  an e-learning platform providing rapid transfer of knowledge. It enables to significantly reduce training costs .With the use of various progress tests, it also allows to immediately verify the uptake of training content.

Individual development plan and SMART goals



  A Personal Development Plan set up once a year during performance appraisal – a part of a corporate process too often does not meet HR expectations. Too often, it becomes a piece of paper of quite limited value and relevance. Live PDP with SMART goals remedies this situation. All activities, all goals are in the hands of an employee now.  It is my job, my career. It is my business!

360° evaluations

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Competence Navigator™ is seamlessly built into TRANSPARANT. Follow the link and read all about our 360° evaluations and extensive reporting.

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