Encourage innovation and new ideas

Create a strong team environment

Encourage crowdsourcing

Create a sense of belonging

Encourage mentoring and coaching

The Transparant tool is an interactive intranet with different channels, each with their own function and audience.

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Crowdsourcing – Dare to ask


Each organisation has its distinct knowledge capital, developed over time through practice and training. By providing a platform where this knowledge can be shared, employees will get more engaged and feel more valued. Employees can offer on-the-job training and help others gain necessary skills  and employees can request help ( e.g. can someone show me how to add a certain formula to my excel sheet)



Many of us are used to looking out for things that are going wrong. After all, if something’s wrong, it needs to be fixed before it damages productivity. But do you actively look out for things that are going right? And how often do you show your appreciation for people who are performing well, even if you’re not their manager?  Why not give your praise by giving your co-workers a digital flower?

Who’s blogging ?

Blogging english


According to a new academic study by the New York University’s Stern School of Business, blogging at work is not a waste of productive time. Along with sharing information about work tasks, blogging at work pulls employees closer to one another, builds relationships, and over time, increases productivity.

New ideas


Inspiring your staff creates a win-win situation: your team will be more eager to come to work, and when your employees are excited about their work, their productivity soars and your business reaps the benefits. Great ideas won’t happen if employees see no specific benefits in it for them. They need to know that giving their all will be mutually beneficial. In other words, if they believe you’re exploiting them for their ideas, you’re doomed. Inspiring your employees requires everyone and every department, from the mailroom clerk to the president, to be mutually supportive.

Continious process improvement

continious improvement


Encouraging your employees to focus on improving the efficiency of their job will give them a sense of ownership and will give the confidence in their own abilities.



Two-tier viral mentoring propelled by social energy :

– mass scale public following, accompanied by

– emergence of natural one-to-one mentoring relationships

Project work


 When working on projects it is easy when all project team members have a common workplace where they can share ideas, make appointments, store documents. TRANSPARANT offers you a project section that can hold an indefinite number of projects…

Document repository

Keep all your important documents that should be available for every employee in one common place, easily traceable and accessible.

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