Project Management

Project management is a process for setting goals, planning how to achieve those goals, and the actions needed to achieve those goals. A general project lifecycle includes the following steps :

  • Define – the project manager and team members
  • Define the project – what needs to be done, why and when?
  • Plan – here, milestones and deliverables (important dates and products created through completion of tasks) are mapped out, scheduled  and assigned to resources ( team members or equipment).
  • Execute – the project plan is carried out during this phase.
  • Monitoring – here the project manager ensures that the project progresses smoothly.
  • Closing – when does the project end? Was it successful? Why or why not?

On-line PM tool

A good project plan will make or break the success of the implementation, we will provide a full on-line project management template , including all information gathering templates and output documents needed.

Full Support

In addition to the on-line project plan, our Transparant Project Managers are highly trained and experienced to provide full project management support.

Communication Creates Engagement

Effective communication ensures that all members of the organisation are aware of the plan, its importance and how they might be impacted. After all, to achieve success, you need the buy-in of all employees. Therefor we designed a full communication plan to make sure that all involved, executive management; stakeholders; project team members and regular employees, are kept up-to-date on the purpose and progress of the project.