Change Management

Change Management is all about people and processes that work for people !

If changes are occurring in your organisation, then they are going to have impacts and effects on your employees and your processes .

To help minimise those impacts and effects,  it is necessary to have “change management” methodologies in place with skilled resources delivering and executing on those methodologies, principles and processes. This helps to minimise possible negative outcomes and increase positive results. Change itself is a process – managing it, leading it, achieving it is also a process and one that should not be viewed and managed with a one size fits all approach. Approach and action should be customised to fit your organisation. Therefore our Change Management plan is based upon 3 pillars : Our Transparant indicator, a  customised plan based on the outcome of the questionnaire and coaching sesions and  workshops for all levels in your organisation.

Transparant Indicator

We believe that a lot can be learned from previous habits of dealing with change. In order to make sure that each implementation of TRANSPARANT is a success, an on-line Transparant Indicator will be send out to 10% of the companies employees. The questions will be dealing with Vision, Urgency, Planning, Tools, Competences and Communication. The outcome of this questionnaire will be the starting point of our customised implementation plan.

A customised plan

Based on the outcome of the Transparant Indicator, an individual implementation / project plan will be created to ensure a succesful transition. The outcome will determine which  areas will need more focus than others and where the greatest pitfalls will be.

Coaching sessions and Workshops

Based on the outcome of the Transparant Indicator and the implementation plan, a series of workshops will be organised in order to reach everyone in the organisation and to make sure everyone is up to speed with the changes that will occur