We believe in challenging the status quo of today’s management ethics and dare companies to become TRANSPARANT.

TRANSPARANT is a user-friendly platform that promotes open communication, great collaboration and Lifelong Learning, implemented with the emphasis on Change Management and Coaching so that all employees feel valued and companies more future-proof.

We just do it to make everybody HAPPY !


What we offer is much more than a software, it’s a whole concept of how companies can improve their turnover by making their employees more engaged and thus more happy ! The software is only a means to the story, it’s changing the behavior through coaching and telling the big picture that will make every implementation successful.

Change management

Change Management is all about people and processes that work for people !

Therefore our Change Management plan is based upon 3 pillars : Our Transparant  Indicator, a  customised plan based on the outcome of the questionnaire and customised workshops for all levels in your organisation.

Project management

Project management is a process for setting goals, planning how to achieve those goals, and the actions needed to achieve those goals

Coaching and Strategic Workshops

Coaching is a vital part of successful change management, it can take away many of the reasons for resistance and build support for the change throughout the organisation. Therefore coaching is a very important part of our implementation plan so we can ensure that TRANSPARANT will be successfully accepted and used throughout every organisation.

Supporting Tools

Although our main tool is TRANSPARANT, we also offer outsourced services in other areas of the HR and general business management spectrum.

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