The challenge of measuring the impact of your internal communication

Did you know that your people are getting immune to email :

  •  only 8% of operational emails were actually read in 2014.
  • in 2015, 64% of all decision-makers will read their emails via mobile devices but if a message doesn’t look good or has an attachment it gets deleted.
  • 32% emails have multiple attachments and are send to large lists of recipients putting a strain on your mail servers
  • Reply-to-all habits create an extra 25% of mails, annoying people but also costing the company a fortune in wasted time

Did you know that 15% of an organization’s collective time is spent in meetings:

  •  During these meetings, 90% daydream, 73% do other work
  • 69% of employees feel that meetings are not productive
  • Over 40 hours a year are spend in training of which 47% is classroom training – research reveals that 35% of a training day is productive, the rest is lost to distractions

Do you know :

  •  Who reads what and why and what the impact is?
  • How many info-sharing meetings need to be organised because nobody reads their emails?
  • What the service desk cost of handling internal requests is because nobody reads their emails?


Today, with email you KNOW you’ve sent it, with intranet you KNOW it is there to be used, with social media you HOPE it works, with meetings you HOPE they aren’t extra-long… But what do you really want to know ?


Wouldn’t it be great

If you could rely on data and know

  • who SAW a MESSAGE
  • who SOUGHT further EXPLANATION
  • scores of those who LEARNED & PASSED TESTS

That you could optimize your internal communication and

  • reduce email volumes
  • cut on redundant meeting time
  • limit unduly service desk traffic
  • open direct feedback channels
  • Test knowledge

Check out ZineInc ™ (www.zineinc.com) for the perfect solution, an attractive corporate magazine with relevant personalised content, social and mobile which

  • Can facilitate different communication forms, whether it is a document, a news message, a video or a picture
  • Gives the possibility to provide feedback = two way communication
  • Can show you who actually understood the message
  • Is designed to send targeted relevant messages, so the right information reaches the right employees at the right time

ZineInc ™ has real-time Business Intelligence on all communications, meaningful, quantifiable and actionable and

  • Measures the impact and the effectiveness of your internal communication
  • Helps you to optimize your communication and thus save money
  • Stimulates engagement
  • Guarantees knowledge transfer


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