Task Navigator™

Your job keeps you busy. Your people are busy, too. But is everybody busy doing the right things?  Task Navigator™ achieves five aims:

1. identifies precisely what your employees are doing,

2. assesses how well they perform these tasks,

3. evaluates how valuable to the organisation the tasks are,

4. compares time spent of those valuable and not-so-valuable tasks,

5. engages employees in an inclusive process, so they are focused and motivated for personal and organisational success.

How does it work ?

  • Provide us with a list of all the employees you want to assess using the task based 360° review – a standard template will be available
  • We will send out on-line task descriptions to all selected employees asking them to complete or write their tasks
  • Once completed, the manager will be automatically requested to approve the task list
  • Once approved, on-line questionnaires  are send to all people performing the evaluation, requesting them to assess the performance as well as give their opinion on the importance of  the tasks. The self-evaluation includes the time spend on each task.
  • Once all questionnaires are completed, you  will receive :
    • An individual report per employee complete  with a work-effectiveness coaching report
    • A group report including group productivity and the quality of the team performance

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