How do you know your internal communication is really effective ?

Did you know that :

Only 8% of mails are actually read

Only 14% of all mails are really crucial to do your job

By 2015 more than 50% of the mails will be read on mobile devices

No attachments are read on mobile devices

70% of readers just remove a mail if it is not readable on their mobile device

47% of employees believe that they have to attend too many unproductive meetings

70% of employees only go to your intranet to look for a specific document, not to read company new

As long as communicators can’t show the value of what they are contributing to the business, they won’t get the investments and the staff they need to effectively ensure that all parties are up-to-date and engaged. So by making your internal communication measurable and by calculating the Return on Investment, we can help you make sure that your are ready for the future.

ZineINC was born to address:

– poor consumption numbers for both email and intranet content,

– inability to quantify effect and impact of distributed communications,

– unchecked costs of delivery methods (no ROI/ROE capability),

– demand for a device-independent, appealing solution with social capacities.

In Short, ZineINC

– Maximizes communication performance

– drives up consumption numbers & verifies transfer effectiveness

– Optimizes communication delivery costs

– replaces more costly delivery forms (meetings, trainings, etc.) with a much cheaper as effective one

– Works on all devices

– Is super-cool

Watch this presentation : ZineINC 2015

“The implementation of ZineINC™ enabling information exchange in real-time was to improve internal communication in Alior Bank. And it sure did. It works flawlessly! ” Marek NOSTER Training & Development Director ,  Alior Bank