Task Navigator™

Continuous improvement of performance

While it’s not always obvious on the surface, virtually all tasks performed in an organisation are interrelated. Employees are generally considered accountable to direct superiors for their performance, but their performance resonates across a vastly wider area. Effectiveness, accuracy and timely completion of work of each person in an organisation can not only affect the internal and external image of the organisation, it is literally a prerequisite for quality work among an untold number of colleagues, superiors, subordinates, internal clients, partners and subcontractors.

With this far-reaching network of stakeholders in the work of individual employees, performance optimization relies heavily on open, constructive dialogue among all concerned. Task Navigator™ finds and moderates the various streams of information exchange in employee teams in a way that allows precise, comprehensible, constructive feedback to be passed on.

Intensive, bilateral communication and precise feedback between individuals whose performance is interrelated is invariably a hall-mark of all really good teams. It is one of the most effective incentive influencing employee performance.


What are your people really doing?

You’re very busy. Chances are, everybody in your firm is very busy too. New tasks arise, but today’s don’t just fade away. Some tasks are performed promptly and efficiently, while others are constantly shifted to the back burner. And worse yet, there are tasks serving little or no useful purpose at all. Research shows that in some offices, up to 85% of working time is spent on unnecessary tasks!

Human resources management is the delegation of tasks and assigning and enforcing staff accountability for their completion. With the constant inflow of matters requiring their attention, it can be difficult for managers to allocate employees’ energy and time for optimal efficiency, and to meet the organisation’s most pressing needs.

Task Navigator™ from Advisio is an exceptionally intuitive tool – easy to implement and, using its two automated processes, invaluable in restoring the optimal distribution of time and energy in task-oriented teams. Task Navigator™ continually updates the scope of employees’ tasks and moderates the periodic evaluation of the effectiveness of their work.

How much time do you have for management ?

If you have “all the time in the world” to spend on managing a team of people, you probably don’t need any help from Task Navigator™. Just agree on every detail of every task with every employee on a regular basis, provide a constant stream of constructive feedback, and make sure the team members do the same for each other. You’ll have an ideal team with a steadily increasing effectiveness.

If, on the other hand, your time is somewhat more limited, you’ll appreciate the discrete assistance of Task Navigator”. It will singlehandedly ensure that all important task-related communications are handled in a manner that maximizes effectiveness and virtually guarantees positive results.

The Task Navigator™ tool is a set of online questionnaires and reports leading every participant step by step through the entire process: from updating individual task lists, through their adjustment and approval by superiors; from automatic distribution of 360-degree questionnaires, to generation of actionable reports in PDF format.

Freedom of choice

Depending on context and specific organisational culture, respondents can be allowed to add anonymous comments, or even choose not to respond at all Task Navigator™ puts these decisions in your hands completely

A process that respects your schedule

Because the TaskNavigator™ diagnosis is performed online, participants are free to choose when to spend  a few minutes to complete the questionnaire.

Each respondent gains access to a questionnaire via a secure, coded internet connection by clicking a unique link provided in the invitation email. If for whatever reason participants must stop before completing the diagnosis, they can simply log out and use the same link to return at a later time to where they left off.


Stability in change

For business in the 21st century, change is an everyday occurrence. For employees, change in the scope of tasks, in work organisation, or in personnel among close co-workers can trigger unease, uncertainty, stress and even fear. Employees’ fear of change is most often due to lack of information and lack of understanding of the “new rules of the game”. Task Navigator™ can help disseminate accurate information and clarify how the “rules” are or are not changing? As Task Navigator™ facilitates discussions with superiors to agree on the scope of current tasks, and assures regular constructive feedback about the effectiveness and usefulness of their work, employees can retain a sense of security in a seemingly unstable environment.

Progress reports and polite reminders

Task Navigator™ keeps you informed throughout the diagnosis process. An e-mail is send when 25, 50, 75 and 100% of the expected responses are received. Should any respondents fail to complete the questionnaire by the specified “respond by” date, a discrete reminder is send to politely request their response as soon as possible.


Many stakeholders

The more opinions gathered regarding an individual’s effectiveness of work, the more substantial the evaluation will be, and the more impactful the feedback will be on the person being evaluated. Task Navigator™ places no limitations on the number of people responding to individual assessment questionnaires. A managing director could even be evaluated by all of the firm’s employees, suppliers, partners and clients!

Important voices

It’s not only superiors, colleagues and subordinates that know a lot about an employee’s performance. Important insights valuable information and a wider range of informed opinions can be obtained by inviting internal and external clients, partners and suppliers involved in or affected by an employee’s task to join in the Task Navigator™ process.

Coaching structure

Task Navigator™ questionnaires ask supervisors, colleagues and other stakeholders in a given task to indicate whether or not the employee being evaluated performs it adequately. The question is posed in this way to assure that the evaluation relates to completing actual tasks in a specific, real-world context, and to avoid any tendency to judge an employee’s performance against some intangible, abstract ideal.

Auto-coaching by self evaluation

A key element built into the Task Navigator™ process is employees’ evaluation of their own effectiveness. The moment of introspection needed for self-assessment helps to fortify participants’ resolve in developing self-leadership skills, self-discipline and personal time- and energy- management.

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