Talent Hunter™

Talent in the functional sense

Quality recruitment and employee selection is not necessarily about seeking out the best, most talented people. Most often, it’s about finding people who will take on and successfully complete specific tasks with talent and enthusiasm. Talent manifests itself at a specific time and place, and it is dependent upon specific context. Talent Hunter™ specifies the parameters of that context, examining and mapping out the environment in which the talent of a new employee can manifest itself.

Its Like a recruitment insurance policy

By enabling a fundamental analysis of the organisation’s expectations of an individual needed to fill a given position, Talent Hunter™ constitutes a powerful, high-value support tool for HR consultancy firms. Talent Hunter™ assures the highest possible level of success in staff recruitment services. The tool enables consultants to conduct important non-intrusive interaction with those who will work in the immediate organisational proximity of the recruited person, and it accomplishes this online, considerably speeding up the recruitment processes while lowering the cost. And Talent Hunter™ helps structures consultants’ work with clients. By moderating the decision process, it provides a reassuring “comfort zone” of reliability in professional relations.

Fitting into the immediate environment

Talent Hunter™ examines the needs and expectations of a broad range of people who work in organisational proximity to the position that is to be filled. It allows information to be collected with regard to the tasks that the recruited person should perform in order to work in harmony with the new team and make a significant contribution to the firm’s success. It also examines the opinions of future co-workers, superiors, subordinates, partners and clients of the new employee with regard to the competences they believe are needed to be effective in that position.

In a network of expectations

Operation of the Talent Hunter™ tool results in an all-embracing task-and-competence profile of the position that is to be filled. The tool creates the profile on the basis of the expectations that the organisation has of a new employee in the position for which suitable candidates are being sought.

When you’re less busy

Because respondents in the Talent Hunter™ process fill in their questionnaires online, they are free to choose when they can spend the few minutes needed to do so. To gain access to their questionnaires using a coded internet connection, they need only click on the link they received by email. Participants who, for whatever reason, must stop before completing the questionnaire can come back to it at any time using the same link. The Talent Hunter™ process does not take long, but it does require a moment of concentration and consideration.

Important voices

Organizations function well and develop effectively only when they’re capable of skillfully meeting the needs of the immediate environment. Inviting external partners, suppliers and clients to take part in the Talent Hunter™ process can increase the adaptability of the organisation and improve its external relations.

Awareness of what is important

For some HR directors one of the most valuable advantages of the Talent Hunter ™ process is its ability to encourage reflection and stimulate discussion about the conditions necessary for effective cooperation among employees.

Connection security

Talent Hunter™ keeps all data accessed or stored in the course of the process secure in the same way that electronic banking systems safeguard access to your financial information. Security is guaranteed by an encoded internet connection.

Polite reminder

Schedules, meeting and deadlines can get the better of everyone from time to time. If any of the invited participants forget to fill in their questionnaires, Talent Hunter™ will email discrete reminders politely requesting their responses as soon as possible.

Good relations

E-mail invitations to take part in internal development processes sent can be a positive element in an organisation’s policy for provision of information. Talent Hunter™ allows you to choose the wording of invitations and the timing of their distribution so that even the announcement of the process serves to strengthen the project team’s positive relations with process participants.

One, and maybe 101 co workers?

Talent Hunter™ does not impose any limitations on the number or positions of people who asked to specify their expectations regarding the tasks and competences of the recruited person. You can even allow everyone in the firm to create a task and competence profile of a new managing director!

Advisio Group advisio

Talent Hunter™ is a product developed by Advisio Group and is a 100% European system with servers based in Germany.

Deployment and use of the methodology and tool is strictly limited to consultants certified by Advisio Consulting Methodologies.

Authorised Advisio partners using this proprietary tool display the “Consultants of the future” logo – a distinction reserved for training and consulting firms that apply Advisio methodologies and tools to give clients a distinct competitive edge in the 21st century economy.


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