Personal involvement

Ambitious goals cannot be achieved without the appropriate motivation and commitment of the people responsible for them. The Synergia™ reports show the level of personal commitment to particular goals of all of the people without whom ultimate success would be unlikely.

Around the goal

Synergia™ makes use of the 360° method, well known in the context of organisational development, in an innovative way to provoke reflection and facilitate strategic dialogue concerning the organisation’s goals. Each of the goals of a firm, department or team can be assessed through its own individual kind of 360° evaluation. Opinions given by personnel crucial to the achievement of the goal provide information as to the level of their involvement in that goal and the likelihood of success.

Achievement prognosis

Synergia™ presents the reports most important points in graphic form on a single page. The achievement prognosis calculated by Synergia™ clearly indicates whether the method by which a goal is delegated and the level of involvement of key personnel suggest that this goal will be achieved

Strategic importance of a goal

Synergia™ provokes reflection on and discussion of the relevance of individual goals to the success of the organisation. The map of responses given on this subject by all of the participants in the process provides an excellent foundation for the work of teams forming the firm’s strategy. It also constitutes the overall direction of work of individual departments and project teams.

Effectiveness of delegation

The correct delegation of objectives is one of the most important factors affecting eventual success. Synergia™ asks the people responsible for individual objectives whether, in their view, they’ve been given the powers, information and resources they need to work effectively.

Differences in perspective

Numerical averaging of answers can kill important information. The visual and quality presentation of the differences between participants’ responses appeals more to the imagination, making it possible to see immediately differences in opinion arising due to varying roles, needs and points of view.

A network of goals

The organisation’s goals form a web of mutual links. For one to be achieved, it is often necessary to first perform a number of others, and vice versa: realization of one small goal may pave the way for a lot of options for further strategic action. The Synergia™ reports reveal the mutual links between all of the goals being discussed in strategic dialogue.

Synergy of perspectives

The Synergia™ tool invites people to think of the organisation’s goals in the context of how they are linked with many different groups of stakeholders. It makes it possible to determine which people are responsible for realizing each goal, the people who delegated performance of tasks to meet that goal, team members assisting with the realization of the goal, and the people who will benefit if the goal is achieved. Synergy of collaboration of all of those people is needed for the goals to be performed successfully.

Mutual exclusion

Sometimes one goal precludes another: the more an organisation is successful in achieving one goal, the less feasible it becomes to achieve another one. Synergia™ reports present the goals that are competitive with each other in this precise way.

Grouping without limitation

Synergia™ does not impose any limitations as to the number of possible group reports, enabling a prognosis of the likelihood of achievement of goals grouped according to any characteristics whatsoever. For example, the same goal can be seen in reference to a place in the organisational structure (goal of the Sales Department), the category of the goal (financial goal) or any other specific characteristics.

One, 101, 1001 goals or more…

Synergia™ places no limitations on the number of goals on which managers can express their opinions in the questionnaires.

Polite reminders

Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with all of the deadlines. When any of the respondents forgets to fill in the questionnaire within the specified time limit Synergia™ sends that respondent a polite, discrete reminder.

Good relations

Invitations to complete the questionnaire sent by e-mail are often an element of a broader policy for provision of information within the organisation. Synergia™ allows invitations to be worded in any way and the timing of their automatic distribution to be chosen so that the information disclosure measures strengthen the project team’s positive relations with the strategic dialogue participants.

Connection security

The Synergia™ tool secures and protects processed data the same way electronic banking systems safeguard access to financial information, using strong data encryption and a secure internet connection.

Advisio Group advisio

Synergia™ is a product developed by Advisio Group and is a 100% European system with servers based in Germany.

Deployment and use of the methodology and tool is strictly limited to consultants certified by Advisio Consulting Methodologies.

Authorized Advisio partners using this proprietary tool display the “Consultants of the future” logo – a distinction reserved for training and consulting firms that apply Advisio methodologies and tools to give clients a distinct competitive edge in the 21st century economy.


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