Star Tracks™


The main Star Tracks™ ranking presents a pre-determined number of talents (up to 50%) suggested by questionnaire respondents from the pool of “eligible” candidates. The order of the ranking is determined by the Index ST” key— the product of the number of times an individual is mentioned and the coefficient of the distance in the social network between the person named and those who named him or her. A second look at the brightest stars shining from afar . A separate ranking provides a List of those talents most frequently named by people who are in contact with them the least.

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Another look at stars shining closer to home

The opposite of the “stars shining from afar” are the “local leaders” — people who have been awarded the highest number of selections from their closest co-workers. They’re listed in another separate ranking. Universal stars Star Tracks™ identifies talents on the basis of specified behavioral indicators. People who independently exhibit the widest spectrum of types of behavior corresponding to the indicators in a given process are presented in the report as “Universal stars”.

Stars – symbols of a behavior

People who have been selected most frequently for displaying one specific type of behavior are listed in the “Stars – symbols of a behavior” ranking.

Top three per behavior

The Star Tracks™ report contains a set of mini-rankings created individually for each behavioral indicator. You receive the names of the three people who display to the highest degree each of the types of behavior you are interested in.

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