Star Tracks™

How to recognize what you’re looking for

The Star Tracks™ methodology is based on a competence approach. It defines the criteria for identification of the needed talents in the form of behavioral indicators characterizing the types of behavior desired of employees. Star Tracks™ does not impose any limitations as to the number of possible indicators. The more indicators you specify, the richer the information you receive will be.

Managers of the Future

Star Tracks™ offers a standard set of talent indicators based on the “Manager of the Future” competence model created by Advisio. This model presents types of employee behavior which, in the opinion of numerous management theorists, will determine an organisation’s competitive advantage in the 21st century. You can use the “Manager of the Future” model as-is, or use it as inspiration in creating your own set of indicators.

One indicator, 101 or even 1001…

Star Tracks™’ does not impose any limitations regarding the number of indicators of types of behavior that might characterize talent in your organisation. The tool offers a standard set of indicators based on the Advisio “Manager of the Future” competence model that you are free to use, modify in any way you wish, or replace entirely with a different one.

Who can point out real talent?

Depending on the organisational culture, talents in a firm can be identified on the basis of suggestions provided by a narrow group of managerial staff, representatives of important stakeholders, or even all of the employees in the firm. The broader and more diverse the group you invite to fill in Star Tracks™ questionnaires, the better the tool will detect the “hidden” structure of informal, beneath-the-surface information in the organisation. It’s worth remembering that employees’ superiors, colleagues and subordinates are not the only ones who know a lot about the behavior and abilities of employees in the organisation. There’s a wealth of valuable information to be gained by inviting clients, partners and suppliers to join in the Star Tracks™ process.

Those chosen and those doing the choosing

Participants in the Star Tracks™ process fall into two groups — those chosen and those doing the choosing —and these groups can overlap in any way. For example, the groups would have no overlap at all in a situation in which you want to offer jobs to a few people from among one hundred holiday-time trainees. In this case, you would invite the employees who supervised the trainees’ work to fill in questionnaires. On the other hand, an example in which the two groups overlap completely might be the search for change pioneers in the case of a large restructuring requiring change in the organisational culture. Here, all members of the organisation could be seen as as “candidates”, and you would likely allow everyone a say via the questionnaires. It’s very likely that information about who could best fill the role of ambassador of change is hidden in the informal social networks.


Distance is relevant!

For the purpose of identifying talents, Star Tracks™ analyzes social networks, inquiring about the closeness of ties between people doing the choosing and those chosen. The greater the distance between the person choosing and the person specified, the greater weight that recommendation has in the Star Tracks™ process. A large distance in the social network between the talent and the person who sees and values that talent demonstrates the power of the “star”, a star that shines from afar.

Calibration of talent ranking

Star Tracks™ identifies a specified percentage of talents from the pool of people taking part in the process. What percentage that will be — from 1% to as much as 50% — is entirely your decision. The tool is specially designed not to allow names of persons placed on rankings below the percentage range you specify to appear in reports. Star Tracks™ is used to identify talents, not to determine who the weakest employees are. The fact that someone is not identified as being among the best does not necessarily mean they are among the worst!

Many spotters, better spotting 

The more people submitting their opinions during the talent-seeking process, the more intensively Star Tracks™ will make use of the informal information sources in your organisation. Depending on the organisational culture, talents could be chosen by a narrow group of managerial staff, or by every  employee in the firm.

Scaling of the questionnaire

Depending on the objective of the Star Tracks™ process you might want to change the default setting of the maximum number of people that can be specified with respect to each kind of behavior mentioned in the questionnaire. Star Tracks™ allows you to use the default limit of three people, or adjust the limit to any number from 1 to 20.

Connection security

Star Tracks™ keeps data accessed or stored in the course of the process secure in the same way that electronic banking systems safeguard access to your financial information. Security is guaranteed by an encoded internet connection.

Important voices

It’s not only superiors, colleagues and subordinates who know a lot about the behavior and abilities of employees in the organisation. You can obtain valuable information by inviting internal and external clients, partners and suppliers of the firm to participate in the Star Tracks™ process.

Good relations

Invitations to take part in the talent-spotting process, sent by e-mail, can be a positive element in an organisation’s policy for provision of information. Star Tracks™ allows you to choose the wording of invitations and the timing of their distribution so that the announcement of the process itself serves to strengthen the project team’s positive relations with process participants.

Flexibility of response

People asked to identify talents during the Star Tracks™ process perform a simple, natural task. For each kind of “talent behavior” listed in the questionnaire, they may suggest one or more people from the specified pool who, in their view, display that behavior to the degree nearest the ideal. If they do not consider anyone to be a good example of a given kind of behavior, they simply state that on the questionnaire and move on to the next question.

When you’re less busy

Because respondents in the Star Tracks™ process fill in their questionnaires online, they are free to choose when they can spend the few minutes needed to do so. To gain access to their questionnaires using a coded internet connection, they need only click on the link they received by email. Participants who, for whatever reason, must stop before completing the questionnaire can come back to it at any time using the same link. The Star Tracks™ process does not take long, but it does require a moment of concentration and consideration.

Advisio Group advisio

Star Tracks ™  is a product developed by Advisio Group and is a 100% European system with servers based in Germany.

Deployment and use of the methodology and tool is strictly limited to consultants certified by Advisio Consulting Methodologies.

Authorized Advisio partners using this proprietary tool display the “Consultants of the future” logo – a distinction reserved for training and consulting firms that apply Advisio methodologies and tools to give clients a distinct competitive edge in the 21st century economy.


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