Delight Index™

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Overall climate diagnosis

Delight Index™ first determines the nature of the organisational climate, classifying it as mild, moderate or severe. Then by analysis in the context of the organisation’s structure and goals, the Delight Index™  diagnosis reports on the extent to which the current climate is the best climate for the organisation’s development needs.

Mood barometer

Participants in the Delight Index™  diagnosis give their opinions on the types of behavior that the organisation expects from its employees. Respondents are asked if, in their view, the organisational environment is conductive to those types of behavior to an inadequate, adequate, optimal or excessive degree. Participants are able to expand on their answers by adding comments anonymously.

Differences in perspective

Numerical averaging of answers kills important information. Delight Index™ presents climate diagnosis findings in a visual, “sensory” way that engages the imagination and intuition as well as the intellect. It assures differences in opinion arising from varying needs and points of view will be recognized and considered.

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