Delight Index™

Practical conclusions for development activities

Does it make sense to invest in developing employee skills that the organisation does not value and does not encourage them to use? CLearly, it does not. So another question: which types of behavior are supported and encouraged in your organisation, and which are ignored or discouraged? Delight Index™ will make the answer to that question just as clear

When the climate is a supportive one

Training programs can usually be highly successful in developing the types of behavior that are supported by the organisational climate. The behaviors will also be well received and easily adopted by those in their immediate organisational proximity, and they will be enhanced successfully in all employees by superiors. This positive feedback loop helps ingrain the effects of the training.

But when the climate is just not right

It’s possible to develop types of positive behavior even when the organisational climate is diagnosed as being not very friendly to those behaviors. But formal training of regular employees will be premature and probably unsuccessful here. Climate is usually a “top down” phenomenon, so the first step is to propagate the desired behaviors among top and middle management. When the climate shows signs of improvement in the upper atmosphere, employee training starts to become a smart business investment.

Diagnosis in detailed cross-sections

Delight Index™ reports provide rich, detailed, actionable information about the organisation’s climate derived from and reporting on the points of view of various groups of stakeholders – executives and managers, supervisors and employees, and even partners, suppliers and clients if appropriate.

Internal matters and blind spots

If external observers (partners, service providers, clients, etc.) are invited to participate, Delight Index™ compares their “outsider” views with the “insider” views of employees and managers. If the picture is more positive from inside, Delight Index™ reports blind spots – areas in which the organisation is “blind” to issues that are viewed less favorably by outsiders. On the other hand, if people outside the organisation express a more positive opinion than the people employed within it, the reports labels those aspects of he climate as “internal matters”.

Management information in a nutshell

Delight Index ™ does not overwhelm decision-makers with reams of raw data or volumes of obscure esoterica. It does provide the meaningful, relevant information in concise, understandable, imediately useful group reports, with the most important points spotlighted in graphic from on a single page.

No limit on the number of group reports

Delight Index™ allows the climate to be analysed and diagnosed in literally any organisational structure. By placing no limitations on the number or make-up of group reports, it’s possible to  view as many structural cross-sections as necessary – including in-project, sub-project, parent and network organisations – to draw a complete, detailed picture of the organisational atmosphere.

Information ecology

From the commercial point of view the only good information is relevant information. The same is true from the efficiency perspective. Irrelevant, unnecessary information is nothing more than litter in the organisational environment. Delight Index™ reports are designed to be “green” – with an organisations’ information ecology in mind.

How big is your universe?

Delight Index™ also enables you to include an unlimited number of respondents in the diagnosis. You can examine the climate of an organisation of three or thirty thousand members. A pan-European firm uses the Delight Index™ tool to perform an annual diagnosis in which 16,000 employees speaking 4 different languages take part. This enables the firm to monitor changes in the climate in all of its national branches and make adjustments in a manner that is both timely and respectful of local cultural requirements.

“Organisation of the Future” indicators of your own

Delight Index™ imposes no limitations on the number of indicators you can use to diagnose the organisational climate. However, the tool does offer a standard set of indicators based on the Advisio “Organisation of the Future” model. This model lets you examine how conducive the firm’s climate is to ideal approaches and behavioral characteristics in modern network organisations that rely on information and innovation. You can use the Advisio model, modify it in any way you wish, or replace it entirely with a different set of indicators

Precision design

Delight Index™ allows for the random placement of indicator questions in questionnaires or, in circumstances where the order in which specific questions are presented is important, the entire Questionnaire can be designed precisely.

Important voices

Employees aren’t the only ones who know a lot about the climate in an organisation. Important insights, valuable information and a wider range of informed opinions can be obtained by inviting internal and external clients, partners and suppliers to join in the Delight Index™’ diagnosis process.

Connection security

The Delight Index™ tool secures and protects data processed during the diagnosis the same way electronic banking systems safeguard access to financial information, using strong data encryption and a secure internet connection.

Good relations

E-mail invitations to take part in the climate diagnosis are often an element of a broader policy for provision of information within the organisation. Delight Index™ allows you to choose the wording of invitations, and to choose the timing of their distribution so that the announcement of the process itself serves to strengthen the project team’s positive relations with process participants.

Advisio Group advisio

Competence Navigator is a product developed by Advisio Group and is a 100% European system with servers based in Germany.

Deployment and use of the methodology and tool is strictly limited to consultants certified by Advisio Consulting Methodologies.

Authorized Advisio partners using this proprietary tool display the “Consultants of the future” logo – a distinction reserved for training and consulting firms that apply Advisio methodologies and tools to give clients a distinct competitive edge in the 21st century economy.


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