Download the Competence Navigator Group report sample here.

No limit on the number of group reports

Competence Navigator™ is designed to guide the assesment, evaluation and follow-up coaching for competencies within virtually any organizational structure. The tool places no limitations on the number or make-up of group reports, so it’s possible to view as many strucutural cross-sections as necessary – including in-project, sub-group, parent and network organisations – to compose a complete analytical picture.

Management information in a nutshell

The process won’t bury you in paper. There are no massive volumes of reports to overwhelm decision-makers. Instead, Competence Navigator™ distills the most important information into concise, understandable, highly usable group reports, with the most important points spotlighted in graphic form on a single page.

Information Ecology

From the commercial point of view, the only good communication is relevant information. The same is true from the efficiency perspective. Irrelevant, unnecessary information litters the organizational environment no less than the wasted toner and paper used to print it. Competence Navigator™ reports have been designed to be “green” – with an organization’s information ecology in mind.

Finding the hole in the competence landscape

Not suprisingly, for those responsible for human resource development in the firm, one indicator stands out above all others in the Competence Navigator™ reports : the red-flagging of critical gaps in competence in the diagnosed group of employees. Even a single instance of inadequate ability or behaviour can point to an area in need of immediate attention.

Warnings to prevent wasted time and money

While it’s clear to most organizations that neglecting the development of human potential wastes valuable resources, it’s also possible to go too far. Competence Navigator™ evaluations and reports help avoid over-investment, protecting against the expense of unnecessary development measures.

Highlighting differences in perspectives

Numerical averaging of answers can kill important information. Competence Navigator™ reports present evaluation findings in a visual, “sensory” way that facilitates not only a strictly statistical interpretation, but also invites moderating through imagination and intiution. It assures that managers – and those being diagnosed- can recognize and consider differences in opinion that arises from varying needs and points of view.