“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo da Vinci

 The main reason we got so excited with the TRANSPARANT concept is our total believe in simplicity… in inspiring people…in believing we can help change the world by making people happy…

Being able to work on something that makes our hearts sing, using our previous experience to help shape the way companies work and help them with empowering their people, that is why we do it … that’s the reason we get out of bed in the morning!


“Experience is not what happens to you. It is what you do with what happens to you.” Aldous Huxley

Sometimes you do so many different things in life that the perfect job that combines all your skills can be hard to find…until you design that job yourself…

It is not only our drive to inspire that made us start TRANSPARANT MANAGEMENT, it is also the combined 40 years of experience in Project Management, Change Management, People Management, Training & Coaching, ISO & Process Management, Helpdesk implementation and the implementation of multiple Learning Management and ERP systems on a global scale that gives us the confidence and trust that we can actually help other companies with their transformation.

The Business coaches that help us with the implementation of TRANSPARANT are fully trained by us and have the knowledge, skills and experience to make each implementation a success.


“What people call serendipity sometimes is just having your eyes open” Jose Manual Barroso

Sometimes life takes strange curves to finally get you to the place where everything falls together and feels as it should be.

After starting Balance Your Life – Coaching & Consulting  – early 2013, I was convinced that this was my calling… helping out people to find their balance in life and consulting small companies to go for their goals…help them to become bigger then they ever dreamed they could be.

I loved doing it, but kept feeling that with my knowledge and experience I could do a lot more then just help my coaching clients and support small companies in their growth… my own dreams were still bigger then what I was doing with them and sometimes fate needs to come in and help a hand to make you change direction…

This happened early october 2013 when I received a phonecall from my landlord with the message that I had 3 months to move out of my office – I only moved in 6 months before – because my dear neighbours didn’t like “strangers” entering the building.

I felt angry and lost because I had to cancel my seminars and start looking for a new office, right at the time that things started to look good and business started to come in.  It took me a few weeks to overcome my feelings of indignation, fear and anger, before I changed my thinking and convinced myself that everything happens for a reason and I just had to find out what the message behind this unfortunate event was.

And once you change your attitude and thinking, things start happening

  • I received a phone call from Witold Reichhart – we hadn’t talked to each other for years – asking me if I was interested in looking at some new software his company developed and maybe I wanted to help him get it onto the Western market.
  • Around that time I got an invitation from Leen and Danielle who invited me to have lunch and catch up since we hadn’t seen each other for years after working at EDS, implementing HR systems on a global basis together. Although the 3 of us went our own ways in life, we always had a connection that was more then just being colleagues… I even have 3 large paintings hanging in my living room that Leen painted for me years ago…
    When I told them about the phone call from Witold, they got as interested and excited as I was and Leen proposed me to join the demo that was planned later that week.
  • From the moment Leen and I got the demo from Witold, we simply felt that this is what we needed to do with our years of experience and our drive to make people happy !
  • A week later I found the perfect office – a great location in the centre of Antwerp, oosing with character and fitting the spirit of happiness we want to stand for.
  • It also turned out that Witold had a lot more then one piece of interesting software, but a whole range of products that got us very excited and the foundation of our new company was laid.
  • Since then my misfortune had turned… we came up with the TRANSPARANT concept, Leen joined the company and Danielle will join after the summer since she is still busy rebuilding her house… the future looks good and now we will go full steam ahead to make that change in the world we believe in…

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